Soar to new heights. See “Saving Mr. Banks” now.



Let’s go fly a kite… It’s a simple idea and song lyric from Mary Poppins by Walt Disney Company. It is also a childhood staple of mine. And yes… our family has even flown a kite or two through the years. The song by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman is simple, yet its inspiring lyrics and the amazing story behind it taps into the imaginations of your inner child, to provide much needed hope in this world.

Yes, that is one of many things I learned after watching “Saving Mr. Banks” this past weekend, also a Disney movie, and an adventurous, thought-provoking film. The story acknowledges the power of your past, childhood memories good and bad, the gift of forgiveness, and the joy of imagination. Through happy tears, laughter, painful moments and quite a few smiles, you can experience behind the scenes moments of the making of a classic Disney film. We learn about the process of creating ideas, the relationships made, the emotion behind the real story, and even interesting facts about Walt. (Hey, if you’re a Disney fan (as I am) you feel you already know Mr. Disney on a first name basis.)

In “Saving Mr. Banks,” you will enjoy the comparisons of reserved versus casual environments, formal introductions vs. first named basis and how a straight-laced, somewhat cranky woman can still have a soft side when she encounters a person who listens from his heart. You will learn, again, about the Mouse that started it all. You and your loved ones can even virtually walk through Disneyland back in time with Mickey Mouse and Walt leading the way to the park, of course, but also to the place of your own imagination, where everything is possible and where “your kite” can always be mended.

“Saving Mr. Banks” is a film that will be forever etched in my mind. I left the theater with a happy tears, a smile on my face, humming Mary Poppins tunes and dreaming of being escorted to my next event with Mickey. 😉

If I were a film critic, I would give it 5 stars, a 10, or a standing “O.”

Yes, a spoonful of sugar CAN help the medicine go down. Fortunately you won’t need that for this engaging and uplifting film that give us all…promise for the future.


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