Super “Hero” Strength… LET IT GO! (Five-Minute Friday Free Write)

©2014 Dancinmoma

©2014 Dancinmoma

Every one has an inner super “Hero” within , but I never realized that going to a sweet Disney movie with my kids would teach me to tap into my own inner “power.”

It was a lesson of forgiveness and self-worth to me.

A lesson in strength.

Inner strength.

Super “Hero” strength.

“Let it go” is a beautiful song (from the Movie “Frozen”) about being “true to you.” Disclaimer: Once you hear it, you won’t be able to stop singing it, especially your kids. 🙂 For me, it is a reminder to LOVE myself again and exemplify that LOVE to my children. A reminder to keep the volume of those negative voices turned down (because they always seem to find a way through the cracks of my soul); a reminder to stop holding things inside.

I equate much of that “stuff” to the reference of a “closet.” We can keep shoving stuff inside, until you can hardly shut the door. Pushing it down; pushing it in to keep it shut. Then finally it won’t shut, the door comes FLYING open! And BAM! There’s an explosion of emotion! A Beam of LIGHT!


As my 3 year old daughter dances around singing the song with her precious little voice, she engages her imagination and smiles as she waves her hand like “Elsa” in the movie. I join in… turning to the right and reaching my hand into the sky, turning to the left as I toss my “magic ice crystals” higher.


As we grasp our hands together, turning to the sounds of the beautiful music. I can FEEL it. Stirring up from within… what is it? JOY! Pure unadulterated JOY!


Warm yourself in the light…

Soothe your spirit…

DANCE… in the beaming light of hope and…

Release your inner power. Be a hero and LET IT GO!

37 thoughts on “Super “Hero” Strength… LET IT GO! (Five-Minute Friday Free Write)

  1. For me, letting go is one of the very hardest things — letting go of the those negative voices that always find the cracks is especially hard.
    I’m glad that you share the special joy and freedom that dancing with little ones brings. May you always be a hero, and have the gift of letting go!
    “Children’s animated movies” have a lot to teach adults too.

    • I agree… letting go is so hard. I think we are reminded in different ways to “let go” during our life, if we choose to listen. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful week.

    • There’s nothing like a kid movie with grown up story line on the side. 🙂 I hope you got a chance to see it or at least hear the song. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I hope you have heard it now. 🙂 I’m finally getting around to responding back to comments. (We’ve had a lot of snow days here) 😉 Thanks so much for your comments.

  2. I took my kids to see Frozen and really enjoyed it. It has a wonderful message to be true to yourself and let your true self shine. The music is great to sing to as well.

  3. Well since I am fresh off my trip to L.A. and my behind the scenes look at all things Frozen you are right it’s an amazing movie and the songs are also great. While we were there we visited the Disney Store and they were playing the soundtrack and if a cast member heard you singing they would bring you a foam mike for you to sing louder. It was a blast. The whole store was singing Let It Go.

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