My Oscar Night Fantasy…


A large, golden Oscar stands guard stage left. And I am mesmerized with celebrities. Meryl Streep is in my view (THE one and ONLY Meryl frickin Streep). I see her profile over Reese Witherspoon’s shoulder. George Clooney is presenting. I gaze into his eyes, wondering what he and his wife talk about over dinner. He sure is dreamy…Isn’t he?

Wait! Speaking of McDreamy, there is Patrick Dempsey. Hmmmm, he exudes dignity and utter “hotness.” Kind of like Bon Jovi. Sigh.

A tap on my shoulder wakes me from my daydream. I look up… ummm Helloooo. Ben Affleck. I smile wondering what HE wants. Wait. He’s motioning to me to get on stage. Everyone is looking at me. I’m sorry. What? I won? I won? (Holy Sh&%!) I WON!!

Hugh Jackman (in all of his hot handsome-ish) stands up, shoots me a smile and escorts me to the stage, where I miss a step and fall into his arms. He twirls me around as if it was all part of the “act” and carries me on stage! I fan kick out of his arms almost ripping my dress and lean into his chest with a flick of my leg and quick smile. Clooney joins in the act and regally extends his hand out and spins me into his other hand holding the golden guy. I grab the statue with a giggle, whisper a thank you in his ear and bop a curtsy to the Hollywood men who got me on stage, as my new pal “Hughie” takes his phone out for a group “selfie.” (OMG!!! Where is Ellen?)

I take a moment to grasp Oscar…and stare at all of his GOLDEN presence.

“Well … Hellooooo hollywood. How’d ya like that …entrance? (as I giggle). Thanks Hughie and Georgie!” (I wink as audience laughs). The send-off music begins….already.

Good Lord, you are SO good. Thank you God! Thanks to ones who said I could do this and the ones who felt I couldn’t, but didn’t say anything…THIS is for you. Life is all about pushing and pulling, rising and of course falling, losing and WINNING!! Today I feel a little like a winner (as I gaze at Oscar with a big sigh). We DID it! To my support system, my lifeline, the ones that give me purpose….my husband, my groom, the guy from the airplane, an amazing man who easily makes me smile, and my heart melt, to my precious children (pieces of my soul) who hold my heart in a way no one can. In the words of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.”

To the rest of my family who cheer me on through good times and bad, to my girlfriends…my strength, my “soul”diers, they put the ‘La la la’ in laughter. Together we can charge through anything. To my online #smgirlfriends and #30secondmoms, a group of AMAZING and talented women who inspire me to new heights.

(Music gets louder)

Wait!  I couldn’t leave without thanking my new group of DANCE friends from the recent charity event…Here’s to you, SWINGSHIFT and the STARS! Together we danced, we cried, we twirled through adversity and we pirouetted to CELEBRATE the power of an amazing community with incredible generosity. To my charity dance partner, whom I met randomly on a stage 6 months ago….you are a kind and generous man, with a God-giving heart that enhance your work, your friends, your family. Together we changed lives performing on the dance floor at City Opera House. I am thankful to be able to call you a friend for life…. and I love that I’ll never look at a cement mixer the same again!  I hold up a photo. Look! An upside down ‘Ms. Pam!’ Swingshift cement mixer

To my “pretend” men…. Donny Osmond and Justin Timberlake. Yep. Now wouldn’t that be an interesting duet! J (I giggle). Donny, after meeting you in Vegas and watching you win the mirror ball trophy, you inspired me to “try new things,” and face my fears. Marie may be “a little bit country” but you, Donny O, are the “rock to my roll!”  And JT! My man! Hashtag (motion the symbol with my fingers)  #Yourholyhotness! Yep. I’m a happily married mom of 3 but damn you can make me smile. You had me at “bringing sexy back”  You had me at SNL. You had me each concert. You had me at ‘nsync!  Okay, you really have Jessica…yada yada… but you entertain my soul to its core and make me want to DANCE!!! Thank you.

To Jimmy Fallon… (Jimmy jumps up.) Hey, (He blows kisses my way) you are the president of late night!! You make us all laugh, sing, play games, dance… the world needs more of YOU. Seriously. You have the BEST job. I can’t get enough. Hashtag  #YoureAKeeper #CanIHaveaJobonYourShow. Thank you! And to Ellen Degeneres, for what YOU have done for daytime!  Hashtag #DanceParty! The Oscar stage will never be the same without your famous selfie (that I and a few gazillion of your other fans retweeted, of course) and the pizza guy, (pause) wow that sounds really good right now.

Hmmmm…What are the odds I could invite Ellen, Jimmy, JT and Donny O over for game night! What a blast that would be!!! Hashtag #MyFantasy Speaking of fantasy, someday I hope to be IN an opening number somewhere with the “wickedly talented” Neil Patrick Harris. Hashtag #DrDoogieCanBoogie. #AdelleGazemhasnothingonyou (giggle).

(music is really loud)

Sorry, got sidetracked… Oh! Oh! Wrap it up, she says. Gracias. Merci. Thank you EVERYONE for helping me believe in the possibilities when fear tries to take over. Keep dreaming, keep imagining, keep that inner child going…THAT is where the GOOD stuff happens in this thing called LIFE!!!  (As I dance off stage I fist pump Neil Patrick Harris as he takes the mic.)  “A cement mixer?” he says. “Go get’em Pammy, ROCK it out, sistah!”

I blow a kiss his way….


50 thoughts on “My Oscar Night Fantasy…

  1. My husband likes to say that we make choices every minute of every day and that we can change our world with our attitude. So keep dreaming, keep imagining and keep that inner child going, that is where the good stuff happens – I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Can you imagine how amazing to would be to attend the Oscars? (Although your version sounds fun too.) I’ve never see the inside of the theater, but loved visiting Hollywood and Highland when we lived in So. CA. I guess we’ll just keep dreaming . . . 🙂

  3. And your daydream/fantasy is exactly how we all feel on Oscar night. We all WANT to be on that stage and have the music play us off.

  4. I think it’s great to have dreams like this. What’s the point of life if you’re not dreaming big?!!!
    When my kids tell me what they want to do when they’re older, I always tell them to dream bigger! Hopefully I’ll have two kids who change the way the world thinks, and dreams!

  5. I love this! So many woman have dreams like this, we just don’t share them! Kudos to you, I love this site and I can’t wait to see more!!

  6. Keep dreaming! Don’t I know it. I am learning how to move out of my comfort zone and believe that what I dream can happen – I just have to have more self confidence! Enjoy your dance with Donny Osmond!

  7. I have a daughter that is going to make it big and I day dream about what her life is going to be like and how much I will enjoy seeing her and her husband succeed and realize their dreams. Some of my mind wanderings can get pretty crazy. Keep dreaming.

  8. It would be really cool to attend the Oscars one day. I have high hope, high in the sky hopes, that one day I’ll make or star in something that is Oscars worthy performance. Or simply get to attend the Oscars Awards supporting a film or television show I had something to do with it. I like this statement, “Keep dreaming, keep imagining, keep that inner child going…THAT is where the GOOD stuff happens” its very much true.

  9. Ha, oh the Oscars. Yes, my husband and I still entertain dreams of someday going. Who knows? It could happen one day, it could not. Hollywood is a fickle world and I’ve learned over the years to look for validation of achievement in this industry elsewhere. I try to be thankful for the projects my husband’s had the opportunity to help create whether or not they’ve been met with huge critical acclaim. To me the Oscars feel like an insiders popularity contest. Not to say that we wouldn’t absolutely love being part of the ceremony someday (who wouldn’t?), but just that I no longer dream of it in any kind of realistic possibility. We’ll see what life brings us. What will be will be.

  10. Keep yourself focused on your goals and perhaps, one of these days, you’ll have this dream come true! It CAN happen. Anything is possible if we want it and work for it hard enough. Wishing you the best!

  11. Hahah this is awesome! I used to legitimately have fantasies like this when I was younger, that I was BFFs with all of my favorite, sexy celebrities lol. Good to know I was not alone! I love watching the Oscars! 🙂 Such a great morning read, hope the rest of your week is as dreamy! 🙂

  12. The Oscars are so fun to watch it would be amazing to be able to be there in realy life! I can picture the dress and the shoes even the man, I think we are all right there with you on that one. I would be bringing Matthew McConnaugh with me and my dress would be blue!

  13. You have a great imagination! I think we all have our little fantasies that we would like to indulge in 😉 Mine involves an island in the South Pacific!

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