BROKEN (Five Minute – Free Write)

IMG_7497 (Edited)

Shine On

A fragile vase sits upon a pedestal, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight through
the window, when all of sudden BAM! The window breaks, as a ball propels it forward
onto the hardwood floor. It is broken. Pieces seem to be strewn all over.

The vase will never be the same.

Is there strong enough glue to keep it together?

Will it retain the water to feed the flowers that are placed inside of the vase?

You can hear the crunch of the glass, as the ball rolls to a stop and the final pieces fall…clink, clink, and crunch. Then there is a mysterious…Silence. The parts are brushed together into a small pile… sharp edges, flawed, and imperfect. Waiting… Wondering…

Suddenly a warm healing light appears that will help restore its splendor. This light of strength sees the magnificent beauty of the pieces. With the strength of a father and heart of a mother, this Shining Light gets to work. The pieces are glued one, by one in a unique and beautiful pattern. No, it will never be the same fragile vase it was before, the initial core is the same, but this vase has even MORE strength and beauty from within.

There is LIFE to it again. It will no longer be placed up high on a pedestal. It will sit at the family table and breathe in the miracles around it. Flowers can again be placed inside to be nurtured and cared for. That “vase” which was once broken and lost has been now been found and RESTORED with eternal love.

16 thoughts on “BROKEN (Five Minute – Free Write)

  1. Hey thanks! It was my first time at five minute Friday as well and I have enjoyed reading so many new blogs. You’re right, it is great to just have the freedom to just write. And, I could hear the breaking glass as I read your post. I’ll be following you as well. Blessings!

  2. This is a great post, thank you. Yes, fragile things do get broken by life. But there is not one heart our Lord cannot heal. actually, He specializes in binding-up the brokenhearted.
    Blessings XX

  3. Great writing! So glad you’ve joined us for five minute friday. i love your analogy. so perfect to describe our humanity and how Christ rescues us from our brokenness! keep writing.

  4. And just think – us like those vases will someday never show our cracks and seams! Healed forever by Jesus! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to “meet” you~!

  5. Great FMF post, and thanks for following mine. I’ll be doing the same. I’ve always wanted to be a dancer – so that makes your blog that much more intriguing. Beautiful design, too!

  6. Hi Pat,
    Congratulations on being on the VIP BlogRoll.
    I’m Janice. You came over from SITS. It was amazing that they featured my 5 Gifts for Writers article. If you are interested, I often have articles like that on my blog. I’d love to encourage you to subscribe. If not, thanks again for the visit and good luck on your blogging journey.

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