About Dancinmoma

Contact Pam at dancinmoma@hotmail.com

Pam is a creative consultant, writer, editor and dance teacher/choreographer. In addition to the joys of being a Mom of three (ages 16, 12, and 6) she has first-hand experience in the business of family and the life of a working woman, as well as more than 10 years as a business executive in product development/creative coordination.

Creative development is a specialty, copy editing, marketing, photo shoot management and sales presentation speaking skills are all in her “dance bag” of tricks. With her wide background of business, leadership, motherhood and teaching, she has learned to “leap” through it all. Her most recent editing project was on a book entitled, “Fun with Flowers” and “Bloom 365” by J Schwanke of http://www.ubloom.com. She also edited The Shaken Snow Globe by Kristy Dominiak.

Pam is a Communications/Journalism graduate of Michigan State University. She loves to lift up a morning java in the morning with a “coffee cheers.” Pam is dedicated to social media and still encourages her inner child to jump for joy in the many “shoes” she wears. Pam is currently a contributor for http://www.30secondmom.com While working with adults and students of all ages, she understands well the trans-formative power of relationships, the impressive value of networking and how a simple hello can change your world.

Pam is an eternal optimist determined to help you transform the chaos of your daily life into an enthusiastic “DANCE.”

In the words of Pam, “I am a Mom. I am a wife and friend. I am a Dancer. A dreamer. A believer and an optimist. I am a Dance Teacher. I am a Student of “LIFE.” Join me as I share what I have learned and continue to learn about the “DANCE” of Life….”

Miss Pam

16 thoughts on “About Dancinmoma

  1. I enjoyed reading some of your posts. Looks awesome, and I will be following with interest. I’m pretty new to WordPress as well, so here’s to us both rocking it. ; )

  2. Hi! Came over from Bloggy Moms! Love the blog, especially since I was a dancer for 15 years. I know all about the triumphs and tribulations! Can’t wait to read more! Now following!

  3. I love your blog! Absolutely beautiful, inviting, inspirational, and encouraging 🙂 And the background is gorgeous.

    As I stated previously, I am glad we connected via Social Media Girlfriends. They rock!

    I look forward to your posts. 🙂 Have a great day!

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