Oh Mercer! Victory Dance

victory dance

You must watch this soon-to-be-famous (click here >) –> Victory Dance! from the Duke vs. Mercer game!!!!


Oh what an upset against Duke! Well Mercer may have messed up a bracket or two, but this guy, Senior Kevin Canevari, from Charlotte, NC is now the face of that upset. I personally rewound my DVR about five times to watch his celebratory dance and found myself laughing and dancing along!

He may not have scored any points in the game, but he has stolen the hearts of America with his spirit, oh and dance moves. (I have watched his twitter followers grow from about 330 to over 1,000 from his big debut). It’s only a matter of time before we see that “Victory Dance” on news, sports and entertainment programs all over the world!!

So here’s to you, Mr. #3 of Mercer Basketball! Thank you for making us smile with your celebratory team spirit, for teaching the world the “Nae, Nae” and for being the new face of the NCAA Tournament. It’s #TimeToDance !!

Just keep on DANCING!

Mercer Upsets Duke, Kevin Canevari’s NaeNae Victory Dance Makes Us All NCAA March Madness Winners—Watch Now! http://eonli.ne/1hPmsD0 via @eonline