Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

As we round out another year full of triumph, defeat and a multitude of blessings (some in disguise) I bid you adieu. I thank you for yet another chance to experience life and all it has to offer. I thank you for humility. I thank you for strength and endurance. I thank you for a sense of humor.

We have danced together; we have cried together, we have covered our eyes in fear and opened our eyes to miracles. We held hands tight in a number of disappointing moments, yet we overcame and raised our hands up to celebrate!

We were heartbroken in loss, but hugged in sorrow. We opened our eyes again to love and to the little moments that mean more now than they ever will. We celebrated the life of loved ones no longer on this earth, yet we miss the sounds of their voice, their words of encouragement and laughter that could fill a room. We relearned the power of prayer, the power of spirit that lives on in each of us. We met angels on this earth and those in the heavens. We sang and yes we DANCED some more.

New hopes, new friends, new experiences also filled the woven patchwork of 2014. Together we changed our lives and others. We opened our eyes to possibilities and to the power of community. We opened our hearts again to LOVE that has been there all along and love that can be renewed.

2014: A year of change. A year of humility. A year of blessings. A year of sorrow. A year of LOVE. A year of DANCE. A year that I can never get back but will carry in my heart forever. God Bless you 2014. I will carry your lessons into 2015. I will pray again. I will hope again. I will BELIEVE in possibilities again in 2015 And YES, I will DANCE through LIFE again. Please, please new year, just catch me if I fall. Together we can RISE UP and celebrate the moments that have yet to unfold…


Happy New Year!

Everything’s coming up Roses for MSU!

English: Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is here; today our guys play their hearts out in Pasadena, California. You see, I’m a proud Michigan State University Alum. I was a freshman the year our Spartans last went to the granddaddy of all bowl games in 1988. The Rose Bowl has always been HUGE for teams in the Midwest.  It was and is the “pot of gold” at the end of the season. If you went to the Rose Bowl you “made it.”

Game Day with my Boys

Game Day with my Boys

MSU College Days

MSU College Days

26 years later — which is frankly amazing, given that I’m still only “29” in my mind 🙂 — I will be supporting my team all the way from Northern Michigan.  I’ll wear my finest Spartan gear. My three kids will be decked out in all things Green with a Spartan “S.”

I’m a HUGE fan. Of course I’m disappointed I didn’t have enough “green” to get to the Rose Bowl in person. There is just something about being a part of the waves of Green in the stands, hearing the cheers of the crowd, singing along to the Fight Song when we score.  Disclaimer: I invested my “green” earlier in a Justin Timberlake experience , so I really can’t complain. Hey! Life is a series of choices, right?

Through the years, I’ve had a “thing” for Sparty the famous MSU mascot. I cringe at the number of photos I’ve taken through the years with him beginning with the “big-haired college girl” who rushed the field from the student section after a big game.  Of course, way back then, we snapped photos with our film cameras.  Selifies, videos, texting friends during the game weren’t even options. We were ALL about the GAME. (Well, yes, a couple people may or may not have snuck in some alcohol… but I’m sure that does NOT happen anymore!) 🙂

Tailgating Moms

Tailgating Moms

Tailgates & Friends

Tailgates & Friends

My all-time favorite moments are the beginning of a Spartan Game, with the band playing, the cheerleaders, MSU Motion, and the fans cheering as the Players blast through a tunnel of smoke…

I solemnly vow to wear green and white day and night through January 1, 2014 and the big game. I will high-five random people I pass who are also wearing Michigan State apparel (I just had a random fan high-five moment this morning at Meijer in Traverse City, Michigan.) I will watch the MSU Spartan Marching Band “up close” on my big screen TV during the ROSE Parade. I may even rewind the DVR to hear it again, because I can. I will read “Sparty” children’s books to my daughter, I’ll play the fight song LOUDLY in our house, have a virtual tailgate in our house to support our Spartans. I will check in with my Facebook friends who will be “on the front lines” in Pasadena. Then it will be time for Kick OFF…

And what a GAME it will be.

“Prepare for Glory”

“Chase it”

“You are the ones…”

GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!

MSU Alumni Events with former Athletes

MSU Alumni Events with former Athletes

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