Last… (Five Minute Free Write)

Time is so fleeting, as we watch our children grow and our parents get older…tick tock, tick tock…we are growing with them. We count in months, days, hours then minutes and seconds.

If only we could make each precious, precious moment LAST forever.

The birth of your precious miracles, school days, sunsets, celebrations, dancing, singing, sunrises, laughter, love and faith filled praise.

Baby baths, cleaning sticky fingers, wiping down muddy toes, wiping faces, butterfly kisses, giggles, cuddling, and so many little, yet big snapshots in life.

We CAN make those moments LAST forever.  We carry those precious moments in our hearts and minds daily. In the patchwork of life…we may be tattered and torn sometimes but the threads and stitches hold us together when times get tough. Some of the most creative ideas can happen LAST minute. It’s amazing how a time crunch can quickly bring those thoughts to the forefront. We need to make each second count.

Enjoy the moment… in the moment… and it truly will last forever.

So what does the word “last” really mean?

To me, it’s not about being at the end of line or the one that didn’t win. It’s about holding on and holding tight. It’s about making fleeting moments LAST forever in your heart and mind. It’s about unconditional, never-ending, LASTING LOVE.