Lessons from an Oscar Winner

Lessons from an Oscar Winner

It is amazing how you can be inspired in small window of time from an Oscar Acceptance Speech. Matthew McConaughey’s was one of my favorites, along with the beautiful Lupita. This link captures the essence of what we all learned from Matthew that night, along with a clip of the actual speech. I also enjoy writing an “imaginary acceptance speech” every year, and thankfully Mr. McConaughey played a big role in it this year.

“And to that I say… Alright, Alright, Alright.” 🙂

What We Can All Learn from Matthew McConaughey | LinkedIn

Click here for some great life advice –> http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140306185955-46951391-what-we-can-all-learn-from-matthew-mcconaughey

The Power of Play….

The Power of Play….

Taking a moment to share my first post as a featured contributor from She Owns It.com. (Originally published on July 11, 2013). I am thankful for the opportunity to promote creativity and continue to inspire others. If you get a chance to click on the link above and read, I would love some feedback. Until then….I hope YOU embrace the Power of PLAY!! It may just help you with your next project…. 🙂